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Forum Rules (Temporary) [ 23.01.2023 ]

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Jan 22, 2023
We are about to create our rules, so we hope that we will temporarily maintain the necessary order with the following rules.

1- Advertising link shortening is strictly prohibited.
2- It is forbidden to advertise without permission.
3- The use of ad blockers is prohibited.
4- Showing offensive behavior to other users on the forum, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, etc. It is forbidden to sell products, swear, humiliate, racist, share +18 content, insult religious values.
5- Posts on the forum must be entirely in English. (Unless otherwise. For example: "The name of a theme that may be a brand, the name of the plugin or the name of the software, etc." be sure to contact the administrators before sharing.)
6- Spam/Flood is prohibited.
7- You should open the topics in the appropriate categories. If you do not have a suitable category to post, please contact the site administration.
8- Obtaining source files from other users, asking them to send them directly to you, etc. Whoever engages in such behavior, both persons will be immediately banned.
9- Posting spam comments to turn on the feature on the subject will cause your account to be banned for a while. After the 3rd warning, your account will be permanently banned.
10- You should upload the files you will share on an external website, not on the system, and add the link. If you do not pay attention to this, you will receive a warning. After the 3rd warning, your punishment will be increased gradually.
11- All individuals except "Trusted Uploader, VIP Member, Lite VIP Member and site management team" must add their virustotal links in the file description section when sharing. Otherwise, your topics will not be approved and you will be permanently removed from the forum in case of virus detection.

You should not do these as spam comments;
- Thx
- Thanks
- Hi everybody
- Let's see

Don't spam comments just to fill 10 posts. Write a neat and original message.

NOTE: You will regularly receive rewards for your contributions to the forum!

That's all our rules for now. With the next update, we will specify a stricter and more regular rule.

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