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Before Posting a Request READ ME FIRST!

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You must have at least 10 posts (real posts, not bump or spam or not meaning replies) and must have an account that is at least 30 days old. If these requirements are not met, the thread might not be looked at.
Before posting anything make good use of the search function to make sure that there is not an already open resource thread or an existing open request for what you are after.
The User's profile post statistics page should not consist of more than 2 REQUEST THREAD sequentially

Hello Everyone,

This Thread will be the guidelines if you're considering to submit a thread under this category.
This is for clean, untouched files only, any mention of nulling or nulled files will be ignored.

First of all
The most important thing first is to have a clear idea about what you're about to request.


Title of request
Thread title of the request must follow this template: [REQ] {script name} {version} (untouched}
Example: [REQ] Avada WordPress theme 7.8

This is the body template: Copy the below points inside your thread and simply answer them.
Thank you :)
Not open for further replies.
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